Conventional Medicine and Hormones

How are conventional medicines used in my practice?

Conventional medicines are modern pharmaceutical medications or products.

These include over the counter medicines and prescription medications.

I use and encourage conventional medications as needed in conjunction with other treatments for an integrated and holistic approach.

I have so many tools for helping people get healthier, conventional medicine is just one of those tools, so it is not my primary tool. It is just one of many. It is a critically important tool, but I am grateful to have knowledge of other treatments that can often work with less side effects.

Many people come to me on conventional medications already. I work with what the person is using and why they are using it. I look for side effects, interactions, and nutritional deficiencies. I do not encourage people to remove or change medications if they are working well. Conventional medications have an invaluable place in our medical establishment and are often lifesaving.

And some medications are needed for a lifetime.

I just help people find ways to minimize or remove the need for some medications, or help remedy or mitigate the negative side effects so they can stay on those medications more easily. Again, there are some medications that are needed for a lifetime (like insulin, some cardiac medications, and others).

Some people come to me and we decide they need conventional medications for their health.  Some of the most common medications I prescribe for people for their health, including, but not limited to hormones, diabetes medications, blood pressure medications, and short-term antibiotics if needed plus numerous other ones. And sometimes over the counter medications.

Some people come to me wanting to go off a medication.

We evaluate why, what is working and not working and what the other options are. Some people are on medications that have withdrawal side effects, and we work diligently with that and coordinate with their primary care provider as needed. Sometimes I work to switch to a medication that works better for the person.

For instance, some people have significant side effects to statins for cholesterol. We find other options to decrease the cholesterol, including other medications. Sometimes, we do decide to remove a medication and we try to do this with the least side effects possible.

There are many sleep, ADHD and some other medications that stop working after someone has been on them for some time, but the side effects of withdrawals are such that it is not ideal to just discontinue the medication. We work with treating the underlying problem, building the person up and slowly weaning off the medication.

Please note that because medicine is licensed and regulated by each state, I am limited to which states and circumstances I can write for prescription medications. When you schedule an introductory phone consultation, we can review this with your specific circumstance,  I can recommend over the counter medications and immunizations.

Hormones – Bio-identical and synthetic

I prescribe hormones for those who need.  I often prefer bio-identical hormones but use whatever will help you, the patient and what is accessible. And with informed consent.

This includes peri-menopausal and post-menopausal hormones, medications to increase hormone function, thyroid medications (both natural Armour and synthetic ones like Levothyroxine and Liothyronine), adrenal hormones.

Bio-identical hormones are hormones that are chemically identical to what your body makes.

You can get many bio-identical hormones from either compounding pharmacies or conventional pharmacies.

Please keep in mind that because medical practice and licensing are determined by the state, and hormones are prescription medications, I may or may not be able to prescribe hormones for you depending on where you are.

Compounding and Conventional Pharmacies

Conventional, Standard Pharmacies

These are like your local Rite-Aid, Walgreen’s, or Costco Pharmacies. They fill prescriptions that are produced by standard pharmaceutical companies. The strengths of using these are these are that they are easy to find, insurance may cover your prescription, you can shop the cost from one pharmacy to another and can transfer your prescription easily from one city to another if it is a large chain of pharmacies. Also, the pharmacists are easily available to ask about interactions with other medications you may be taking.

The downside is that the dosages of medications are set by the pharmaceutical company so if you need an in-between dosage, it I may not be possible or easy. Another downside is that most medications have binders and fillers, and some people are allergic or sensitive to one or another.

In terms of hormones, you can get bio-identical and synthetic in conventional prescriptions. It depends on the product.

Compounding Pharmacies

These are found across the country and are usually independent or small chains. Compounding pharmacies create medications to specific doses and forms for patients. They are used for humans and animals. Compounding pharmacies are wonderful assets to any community. They can create ways to provide medicines that will help a patient access it. For instance, children on the spectrum often have taste and texture sensitivities. A compound pharmacist can work with the family to come up with a form of administration that works for that person. Veterinarians also use compound pharmacies for help with administration to animals of medications.

Another benefit of compounding pharmacies is that you can get a truly hypoallergenic product if you have allergies to any of the binders or fillers. Another benefit is that you can exactly adjust medication dosages for a person as each prescription is create and filled for a specific person. This is also good for some topical medications. Compounding pharmacies can create medications for all the following: oral topical and vaginal. The downside of compounding pharmacies is often the cost. Each prescription is hand created, so the cost is naturally higher.