Diagnostic Laboratories and Imaging

Conventional Diagnostic Laboratories I use

LabCorpThis is the primary lab I use for all patients.

In Washington State, if I order labs through LabCorp, it may be paid for by most insurances (excluding Kaiser, Medicare, and Medicaid).

I have also contracted with LabCorp to get a highly discounted rate for lab tests that they run, and I pass that savings on to you. It is usually more than             50% discount.

Quest Diagnostics–  I can order through Quest if you prefer for insurance or other reasons.

I do not have lower contracted rates with Quest Diagnostic Labs for cash pay labs.

Cologuard –This as a good, at-home screening tool for colon cancer. I will order these for patients. Your insurance usually covers this.

Specialty Diagnostic Laboratories I use

Doctors Data – Stool Tests, including testing for parasites, bacterial, virus, fungal infections, digestive analysis. Also, SIBO testing

Labrix – (now part of Doctor’s Data) Wider variety of hormone testing, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other androgens, adrenal, pituitary, melatonin, thyroid

Genova Diagnostics – Stool tests, including testing for parasites, bacterial, fungal, or viral intestinal infections, hormone testing, nutrient testing, digestive analysis and more

Dutch Testing– Precision Analytical – Hormones (men, women, sleep, adrenal), hormone metabolites, rhythm of hormones throughout the month

Great Plains Laboratorymetabolic, mitochondrial, and environmental factors in chronic illnesses

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Diagnostic Imaging

Common imaging I order for early detection, diagnostic or to help guide prevention includes:

DEXA – for bone density – women and men

Cardiac Calcification CT Score– a very quick CT test of your heart vasculature to look for plaques. Insurance does not usually cover this, but there are a number of radiology places that will offer this for a very reasonable cost.

Mammograms – primarily women for early detection.

I may order other imaging, but on an individual and situational basis.

Please note, my ability to order imaging depends upon your geographic area.