Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is a key part of the work I do with you:

Lifestyle Medicine includes a focus on:

Diet– including activities, habits around eating. I take a holistic and thoughtful approach that includes cultural and emotional aspects that can nourish a person through their diet and foods.

Physical Medicine and Exercise– This can include prescriptions for various types of exercise that will match with your lifestyle and specific health needs. For instance, Tai Chi has been shown to be excellent for those who need support for balance and meditation and focus type exercise including those with osteoporosis, muscle weakness, frailty, those who sitting meditations do not work for stress reduction, low impact, cognitive sharpness and more.

SleepSleep is one of the pillars being able to stay healthy and alive. I see sleep as critical to the body as air, water, and food. It is absolutely needed for survival. I work with to uncover what may be interfering with your sleep and help remedy this, that includes not just with teas or pills, but with physically changing your environment and activities enough to help. This includes things like reviewing and working with you to make sure your sleeping habits and sleep space is optimal for deep and relaxing sleep. This can also include herbs and supplements.

Substance Use and Abuse – I work with people who are struggling with, or concerned with substance use and abuse to manage stress, school, work, fatigue, depression, anxiety and really for any reason. This includes using, or being reliant on prescribed medications that are supposed to be for short term, but end up being reliant on them longer term, like anti-anxiety medications, sleep medications, alcohol, ADHD medications, pain medications (including over-the counter medications for pain), and recreational drugs that have become more than for ‘recreation.’

Stress Stress is everywhere. Stress is not just about mental stress from work. It can be physical stress…. like from illness, hunger, or over-working out. It is also about emotional stress. And environmental stressors, like pollution, toxins, pesticides in our air, cleaning supplies, playfields, groundwater, and food. We cannot get rid of stress, and actually some stress is important for the body to stay functioning health, but I help people find ways to manage various stressors to minimize negative impacts. And optimize positive impacts.

Circadian Medicine –  Working with you and your bodies natural biological rhthyms to get better balance have better functioning. And example is sleep-wake cycle. Another is reproductive cycles (women’s menstural cycles). Even the liver and other organs have a rhythm.  Helping you work with the natural rhythms so your body can work at its best.