My process to guide you to better health

Integrative Medicine Services

  • Extensive evaluation- medical & family history, physical exam, labs/imaging, epigenetics/genetics.
  • Individualized evidence-based Treatment Plans, integrating functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, conventional medicine and traditional medicines
  • Prevention, and Early Detection Plans.
  • Integrate and coordinate care with other providers, including specialists and primary care.
  • Diagnosis, lab/imaging results, and treatments.
  • Doctor means ‘teacher’, so Health Education is always part of the care you receive.
  • This is a telemedicine practice.  There are some limited options for home visits.
  • The number of follow-ups, the time between follow-ups, follow-up labs and plan length of time is individually determined.
  • Partnering with and advocating for patients to help them determine and achieve their optimal health goals.
  • One of my goals is to give you the guidance and tools to assist you in managing your own health long-term.

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Steps towards your better quality of life

The Goal — Determine if Dr. Litov can help your specific goals and if this is a good fit

  • Meet with Dr. Litov via telemedicine or phone, and discuss your health needs
  • Ask any questions you have about her clinical approach
  • This call is required before booking your 1st appointment

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The Goal — This initial Integrative Medical Appointment – Take time to really listen, and review records with you to help uncover the underlying causes of some of your concerns.  And then develop a personalized treatment plan

During this visit:

  • Thoroughly analyze and puzzle together your medical concerns, symptoms, history, lifestyle, previous labs/imaging, and other contributing factors
  • Review your medications/supplements and brainstorm how to optimize them
  • Select strategic lab work to better understand your root causes
  • Organize and prioritize your treatment options
  • Explanation of pros/cons of each treatment (so you can select the best treatment for your needs)
  • Collaboratively discuss and develop your customized treatment plan
  • Start your initial phase of transformational care
    • This may include: supplements, medication management, diet/lifestyle optimization, herbs, or referrals to other specialists, etc

Before your next visit, Dr. Litov will:

  • Guide you through obtaining lab work
  • Analyze your lab results
  • Research for your specific case
  • Draft a detailed strategy for your next treatment phase (to discuss during your next visit)

90 minutes                       

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The Goal — Review labs and answer all your questions

During this visit:

  • Evaluate your response to initial treatment
  • Discuss your lab results
  • Further connect the dots of your root causes
  • Learn about your next treatment phase

60 minutes

The Goal — Ensure you’re on the right track towards your ideal health
During this visit

  • Evaluate your progress
  • Troubleshoot changes or roadblocks
  • Tailor your treatment plan for optimal outcomes
  • We’ll discuss the number/frequency of these follow up visits depending on what’s best for your individual needs

30-60 minutes, depending upon individual need
Standard follow-up is 45 minutes, but some people need less or more time. 

Integrative Medicine Appointments

The cost of labs, imaging, supplements, medications are not included, as is standard in any medical office.. Please ask for more information.

Everyone who establishes as a patient will have access to discounted specialty and conventional labs, and access to discounted medical grade supplements.