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Care FAQ

Dr. Litov is presently seeing adults only.  Ages 18 to 120.

She will make a few exceptions for adolescents aged 15 to 18, but on a case by case basis.  Please schedule free consult to have a conversation with her about this and options.

The number of visits vary depending upon how complex or chronic the health issue is.

A minimum of two visits to get started. Additional visits are usually needed with serious health and chronic health conditions to achieve optimal functioning and health.  For new patients, my experience has taught me that optimal outcome for a persons medical care is to have an initial appointment, thorough evaluation and treatment with at least one follow-up to ensure the initial plan is working and to adjust as needed.

More detail can be discussed at a free phone consult.

Yes! Although Dr. Litov has practiced as a primary care physician, she now serves as an medical specialist, to be utilized in conjunction with other providers, in order to optimize your health.

It is important that you have a Primary Care Provider on your health care team. You should be seen by them annually, for physical exams, and to stay established for acute and urgent care needs. Please maintain care with your other specialists as well.  We believe a team approach to care is vital for an individual’s optimal health and wellbeing.

Dr. Litov and does not provide primary care at this time. She is providing specialty medical care.  Acute and/or urgent care are NOT available through our clinic.  Those with acute or urgent health concerns should see their primary care provider or go to an urgent care facility or an emergency room, if needed.

If you have an emergency, please call 911. Please contact your primary care provider and/or urgent care for non-emergency urgent or acute care needs. Dr. Litov is not on-call after hours.  She recommends going to urgent care or the ER if the issue cannot wait until office hours for a response.

Yes.  If you are feeling suicidal or in need of someone to talk with, there you can call

In addition, if you are feeling suicidal, you can go to an emergency room and tell them so and ask for help.

Please see our “Conditions and Treatments” Page for a list of the most common conditions Dr. Litov treats.

Yes!  There are many conditions Dr. Litov has experience and success with, that are not listed. Please reach out via the Contact Page and ask if she has experience and works with your specific health issue, or you can schedule a 15 minute complementary phone consult and discuss at that time.

Dr. Litov does NOT treat cancer, asthma, and Type 1 diabetes. With those conditions, she/we strongly recommend that people with those conditions follow up with their respective specialists (Oncologist, Pulmonologist, Endocrinologist) and Primary Care Providers.  She also does not treat pregnant women. She recommends prenatal care through a woman’s OB/GYN and a midwife team. Dr. Litov works with women and men to optimize their health and fertility prior to conceiving, but she discontinues her medical care for the woman as soon as she becomes pregnant. Dr. Litov also does not work with women who are nursing because many herbs, supplements and medications transmit through breast milk to the baby and for nursing mom’s, she is happy to refer to providers who specialize in working with nursing mom’s and infants. There are some other conditions that she does not treat as well. The best thing is to ask the office directly via the Contact page.

Yes, Washington and California only.

Most patients I treat are interested in using a minimal amount of pharmaceutical drugs as possible, while maintaining their health and well-being, so pharmaceuticals is only a part of what treatments I can offer. I believe pharmaceuticals have an important place in health care and will utilize pharmaceuticals when indicated.  But since I have so many more things in my expertise and toolbox to treat disease, I have much more ability to treat without pharmaceuticals, or using a lower dosage of pharmaceuticals.

Please note, some people need to be on pharmaceutical medications for life, for instance, thyroid medication for those that have a thyroid removed, or insulin for Type 1 diabetics, anti-psychotics for schizophrenics, etc. There are numerous other examples. I will not remove or recommend removing life-saving medications such as these. If there are side effects that are troublesome, we can work together to find remedies for the side effects so you can remain on these life-saving drugs.

Sometimes, a pharmaceutical is indicated, but it is out of the my (Dr. Litov) comfort level.. In those circumstances, I will refer to the appropriate specialist.  For instance, I believe all new prescriptions for antipsychotics or bipolar, etc would be best prescribed by a psychiatrist, although I can provide refills under the approval of patients psychiatrist.

Many people come to my office to wean off  drugs. I will evaluate the situation with the patient and determine what is appropriate and if so, will create a plan.

Please note, I, Dr. Litov, do NOT prescribe controlled substances (i.e. oxycontin, benzodiazepines, Adderall, etc.) but will refer when indicated and appropriate.


Each person is evaluated for their present state of health and healthcare, including medications. Many people come to Dr. Litov to wean themselves off of drugs or because they had a bad reaction to medication. She evaluates each patient and determines,  with the patient, what plan of action is appropriate. Sometimes that means continuing the same medication or transferring to another. Sometimes it means decreasing or discontinuing one or more of their present medications. As a persons health improves, sometimes, they are able to begin decreasing or eliminating some of their pharmaceutical medications.

Please see my Telemedicine page for more information.

Also, I would like to state that I have some patients who need to have appointments by phone rather than video. Honestly, some people don’t have access to video-telehealth (whether because of geography, internet strength or technology), and phone is a better option. This is why I offer phone consults.  Telemedicine is important for at least some visits but I will work with where a patient/person is at.

Presently Dr. Litov is working with ages 18 to 120.

I am sorry, Dr. Litov is no long working with younger adolescents or children.

All introductory discussion is via phone. All other appointments are via telemedicine/video or phone, and are agreed upon by both the patient and provider.

Not all appointments need a video aspect. But the initial appointment is ideal to have a telehealth. Some people have trouble with video, and some people do not have access.  I am flexible with this. Please inform me of your challenges.

Telehealth is helpful for virtual physical exams and for showing things on paper for you for visits, or if you have something like a skin issue, so I can see it.

Yes, very occasionally. It depends on location and the circumstances.  There is an extra fee for that service. Ask when scheduling appointment.

We do NOT bill insurance, although many HSA plans do cover our services. Please contact your HSA manager and/or your insurance plan to determine how might be the best way to get your care covered. We will provide an invoice with CPT codes and diagnostic (ICD-10)  codes to submit for reimbursement. Some HSA programs may need this as well.

Dr. Litov used to be contracted with most major insurance companies. There are numerous reasons she choose to discontinue her contracts with medical insurance companies. For example:

  • Some folks are concerned about their employer finding out what kind of care they are receiving. Just as an increasing number of mental health providers and psychiatrists are leaving the insurance world, many people come to us wanting confidentiality from their Insurance Companies.
  • Insurance companies are increasingly guiding care plans and the scope of assistance they will cover. Due to the intensive nature of our work we often fall outside of covered services.

Yes, depending upon the state.

In Washington and California, I can order blood work and other lab tests and imaging.

In other states, I usually can order lab work. Imaging is not usually an option in those states. I will refer you back to your primary care provider, specialist or urgent care provider for imaging as needed.

Labs and imaging that I order in Washington can be covered by your insurance.  I will order labs at the facility of your choice. It is ideal to check with your insurance to determine where they recommend if you are to get the labs and imaging covered. Labs and imaging facilities can bill your insurance directly in Washington, or you can pay a cash based rate to the lab or imaging facility.   You may also be able to use your Health/Flexible Savings Account to cover these.  Please check the requirements of your specific HSA.

In California and other states, you will need to pay out of pocket for your labs. You can contact your FSA and HSA account managers to see what they will allow to be covered.

Labs that are paid for out of pocket are offered in a number of ways.

1.)  Patients of mine have access to deeply discounted rates for labs, both conventional (I use LabCorp as it is easily available throughout the country, even at hospitals) and specialty labs.  I would need to order to have that happen and you would pay up front to the billing company that coordinates those lab orders.

2.) Another option is if you want to order your labs on your own.  If you choose to pay out of pocket for labs rather than go through insurance, one option is DirectLabs.  Here is a link to make it easy.  They have discounted labs available and all labs are processed through Quest Diagnostics and their draw sites found are conveniently found throughout the country.

Yes!  You can use the link here to order your own labs.  The payment and lab results will go directly to you. If you use this site, please note that these are discounted lab prices.
In order to get these deeply discounted prices, you will be paying the lab directly rather than going through insurance.  I will not be able to provide you insurance documentation or diagnosis codes for reimbursement.   Please check with your HSA to see if you can get reimbursed through them. 
Lab results go directly to you. If you would like a copy sent to me, please be sure to fill out the online form they provide.

Integrative Medicine is defined as a method of healthcare that integrates conventional and complementary treatments for the betterment of a patient. Each individual is different, so integrated treatment often looks different from one patient to another.

Often “Integrative Medicine’ is a catch all for those medical providers practicing Naturopathic Medicine, or on a journey to integrating Naturopathic principles and treatments into their conventional practice. Integrative Health Care systems honor the importance of many types of specialties and providers in order to best serve patients health and wellbeing.

Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct licensed primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health using therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process. The practice of Naturopathic Medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.  It is sometimes referred to as ‘The original Functional Medicine system’. But a key distinction of Naturopathic Medicine is in its philosophy that a person and the planet have an innate ability to heal itself. Our job is not just to optimize function or actively treat a symptom or infection, but simultaneously help create the circumstances that will allow the person to heal…mind, body, spirit. Learn more about education, licensing, philosophy.

Wellevate and Fullscript are distributorships that have a long record of quality assurance and relationships with professional quality supplement companies. They are also HIPAA compliant for privacy.

Learn more about professional-grade supplements and for links to order.

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