What is Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine?Naturopathic Medicine is a formal medical discipline of primary and specialty healthcare, emphasizing treatment, prevention and optimal health using therapeutic methods and substances that not only treat diseases and symptoms directly, but also encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process.

The practice of Naturopathic Medicine includes modern, conventional, and traditional and natural, scientific, and empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment.

A key distinction of Naturopathic Medicine is in its philosophy – that a person and the planet have an innate wisdom and ability to heal itself given the proper treatment and removing obstacles to healing.

We combine medication and other treatments with the goal to work with the body.

A simple illustration of this:

If someone has a cut, we clean out the cut (to help the body fight/prevent infection), make sure someone is up to date with their tetanus to prevent tetanus, suture the wound if needed (to optimize healing and decrease scar formation and to decrease risk of infection), and ensure that the person is properly nourished with macro and micronutrients so the body can do the important work of healing. If a person gets an infection, we use anti-microbials (antibiotics) to actively kill the bacteria so the body can more effectively fight the infection and heal. We understand that it is not the sutures or the anti-microbials that heal the wound…those are important tools that help the body to do its best to heal. It is the body that does the hard work of healing.

My job, as a Naturopathic Physician is not only to optimize function or actively treat a symptom, infection, or disease, but simultaneously help create, nourish, and optimize the circumstances that will allow the person to heal…mind, body, spirit.

Training for Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic Doctors are trained in the following:: clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing, imaging tests, nutritional medicine, botanical medicine, prescription medicine, physical medicine (massage, hydrotherapy, naturopathic spinal and extremity manipulation, stretching and exercise therapy, acupressure, ultrasound therapy and more), public health measures , counseling, mind-body medicine, lifestyle medicine, minor surgery, homeopathy, , intravenous and injection therapy, and some naturopaths have additional specialty training in naturopathic obstetrics (natural childbirth) and acupuncture.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctors and Physicians are trained in and can prescribe pharmaceutical drugs as needed, while simultaneously emphasizing the use of natural treatments that restore the body to a healthier state.

Naturopathic Medical Education is a doctorate degree from a Federally Accredited University Naturopathic Medicine program. After graduating, we take a state licensing exam to be able to practice medicine

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

These Principles are the foundation of naturopathic medical education and naturopathic patient care. ND practice is planted firmly in the assumption that it is vital to treat the individual, to stimulate and support the body’s inherent ability to heal, to identify the root cause, address it as naturally and gently as possible, to teach patients how to create wellness, and to prevent illness whenever possible.

Naturopathic medicine recognizes an inherent self-healing process in people and nature. Naturopathic physicians act to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery, treat illness while actively respecting and supporting this inherent self-healing process.

The naturopathic physician seeks to identify and remove the underlying causes of illness.

Provide Medical Care which minimizes the risk of harmful side effects, using the least force necessary to diagnose and treat.

Naturopathic physicians spend time educating and sharing information with their patients to help empower them to make the most informed decisions they can on their health journey.

Naturopathic physicians treat each patient by taking into account individual physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, spiritual, and other factors.

Naturopathic physicians emphasize the prevention of disease by assessing risk factors, heredity, and susceptibility to disease, and by making appropriate interventions in partnership with their patients to prevent illness and employ diagnostics for early detection of disease.

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