Services & Pricing

Integrative Medical Services

    • Extensive evaluation- medical & family history, physical exam, labs/imaging, epigenetics/genetics.
    • Individualized evidence-based Treatment Plans, integrating functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, conventional medicine and traditional medicines
    • Prevention, and Early Detection Plans.
    • Integrate and coordinate care with other providers, including specialists and primary care.
    • Diagnosis, lab/imaging results, and treatments.
    • Doctor means ‘teacher’, so Health Education is always part of the care you receive.
    • This is a telemedicine practice.  There are some limited options for home visits.
    • The number of follow-ups, the time between follow-ups, follow-up labs and plan length of time is individually determined.
    • Partnering with and advocating for patients to help them determine and achieve their optimal health goals.
    • One of my goals is to give you the guidance and tools to assist you in managing your own health long-term.

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Integrative, Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Services


This is for those people who have questions prior to making an initial official appointment.

This is an opportunity that I offer to make sure I am a good fit for you and your health care needs right now.

This is for people who I have never seen as a patient and those who were previous patients who have questions before re-establishing care.

Please note. No diagnosis or treatment will be offered.

15 minutes – no cost to you

Includes an extensive work-up,medical  & family history, physical exam as needed

Labs, imaging, medical records and other evaluation and/or referrals may be recommended.

A preliminary treatment plan will be given

All appointments are conducted via telehealth

Receipt with Insurance codes provided for you to submit for reimbursement from Insurance or HSA

Initial appointment – $360 for 60-90 minutes

These visits are for established patients to follow-up on health concerns and treatment plans, and/or address new health concerns

All appointments are conducted via telehealth

Receipt with Insurance codes provided for you to submit for reimbursement from Insurance or HSA

Follow-up appointments are $185 to $265 depending upon time

Standard follow-up is $225 for 30-45 minutes

Labs and specialty labs
Supplements and herbs

Covered by insurance, HSA, FSA or direct pay (often discounted)

Professional grade supplements with access to discounts

The patient-intensive and time-intensive nature of my services as an Integrative Medicine Doctor does not neatly fit into our present medical insurance model, so I have chosen to be an “out-of-network provider”.  

 I do not bill insurance.  If you would like to utilize your insurance or FSA/HSA plans, please check with those plans to determine what they cover and how much for my services. I am happy to provide a formal receipt for you to be able to submit to your insurance or HSA/FSA account.