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Professional Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Making informed decisions about supplements and botanical medicine purchases is hard! Here are some resources to help you order the highest quality supplements and herbs.

If order using these linksfrom Dr. Litov’s virtual dispensaries, you will receive a 10% discount for every order of high-quality supplements.

By purchasing through these websites, please understand that we are not diagnosing or treating your condition. We only make specific recommendations for established patients.    Access to these dispensaries is offered here as an easy option to purchase quality supplements from legitimate sources.  We strongly recommend that all individuals inform and work with their healthcare provider and pharmacist to ensure which supplements are safe and appropriate for their individual situation.


What are “Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements”?

Professional Pharmaceutical grade supplements have been produced under the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Processes. This means the FDA is inspecting and regulating their Brands and facilities and has standards that need to be met.

Why use “Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements”?

High standards are critical for the medicines you take.  That includes therapeutic supplements and botanical/herbs as well.
We recommend purchasing only Professional grade supplements, to ensure quality, purity, and that ALL supplements and raw materials are found to be free of heavy metals and other contaminants.  And that scientific testing shows the purity that the products within the bottle match exactly the label.

What are Dr. Litov’s favored brands of supplements and herbs?

Dr. Litov uses brands that have a long-term documented strict quality assurance program, above what most companies on the market do and exceed FDA requirements.  She has spent many years evaluating companies. In her office, she tends to use Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Labs, Klaire Labs/Prothera, Gaia Herbs, Integrative Therapeutics, Nordic Naturals, NFH, Vitanica, Vital Nutrients, Designs for Health and a few others.  

To assist the general public in determining those companies that meet the highest standards, Emerson/Wellevate has created a program to do an independent evaluation and audit of companies who agree to it.  When you order from a Gold or Silver certified company, you can be assured that these specific standards and testing have been met.

If you go to the Wellevate website through the link above, you will be able to see which companies meet those exceptional high standards. Those are the companies Dr. Litov favors.

Why does it matter where a person purchases supplements online?  Are there counterfeit supplements being sold?

With the news showing that many non-professional brand and over the counter supplements are not what they claim on the label, and/or have contaminants. And there is other news showing that some online resources/sellers, have inadvertently sold counterfeit products, it is important to know how and where to purchase products that are able to uphold consistent standards.  Even Amazon has inadvertently sold counterfeit supplements.

To ensure you are spending your money on reputable products, please use the above links or you can often purchase directly from Professional/Pharmaceutical Grade supplement companies.

Where can a person buy Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements?

Wellevate and Fullscript– These are distributorships that have along record of quality assurance and relationships with pharmaceutical quality supplement companies. They are also HIPAA compliant for privacy.


Purchase directly from some of the companies.

NOTE: The above links to Wellevate and Fullscript will provide a 10% discount on all orders.